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Automating pin stamping application at Tomenson

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≫  Automating pin stamping application at Tomenson

OnRobot collaborative automation robot tools are being used at Tomenson, a leading hydraulic manifolds in Chicago, to automate pin stamping application.

Collaborative Gripper Supports Continuous Improvement

Tomenson, a family-owned manufacturer of world-leading hydraulic manifolds, is focused on continuous improvement. Collaborative automation in its pin-stamping application improved quality, profitability, flexibility, and worker satisfaction. The OnRobot collaborative RG6 gripper handles dozens of different part sizes with fast and easy change-overs, and sets the stage for ongoing automation in CNC tending, deburring, and packaging.

The Results

  • Flexibility
    “OnRobot’s grippers are a game-changer because whereas we were normally seeing one gripper, one part, we now see the flexibility that the OnRobot grippers offer customers.  A lot of our customers traditionally were using a single gripper—maybe a two-jaw gripper or a three-jaw gripper for one part—but now we’re seeing that the RG6 can do multiple parts for multiple jobs.” Brian Einzig, automation specialist, FPE Automation.
  • Profitability
    “Before this system and the gripper, we definitely had lower profit margins on these small blocks. Now when we see a small block, we’re not afraid to quote it because we know handling thousands and thousands of these will be done by the robot, not a human, which makes us less fearful of quoting very high-volume and little parts.”  Alex Roake, Tomenson operations manager 
  • Ease of Use
    “Now that we have one successful application with the OnRobot RG6 gripper we have looked into other possibilities in post-production or shipping or even loading up the CNC machines. The ease of programming is what leads us to be confident in this decision that we can take it to other departments, because we don’t need to hire an extra programmer.” Alex Roake, Tomenson operations manager.
  • <1 day gripper implementation
  • <1 week automation cell implementation
  • 20-30 different parts
  • 40% reduction in misloads
  • 5-10 minute change-over time
  • 10-15 minutes programming for new part
  • ROI in 6-7 months over two shifts
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