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Doubling CNC machine productivity at Donk Industries

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≫  Doubling CNC machine productivity at Donk Industries

OnRobot collaborative automation robot tools are being used at Donk Industries, an aluminium parts manufacturer. The OnRobot RG6 gripper and HEX sensor help address the shortage of skilled workers, tending a CNC machine all night so employees can focus on demanding tasks such as technical drawings or quality inspection.

Collaborative Gripper Takes Over the Night Shift

Donk Industries is one of the largest small-series aluminum parts manufacturers in the Benelux countries. To help keep inventories low and supply customers on time with a wide variety of products, an RG6 gripper with HEX sensor from OnRobot automatically feeds one of eight CNC machines around the clock. With a shortage of skilled labor, this lets employees move to more interesting tasks while doubling output of the CNC machine with higher and more stable product quality.


  • Collaborative & Safe
    “In contrast to conventional industrial robots, the combination of cobot and corresponding end-of-arm tooling can be used directly next to humans and works directly with them.” Jaap Zentveld, Assistant Production Manager, Donk Industries
  • Flexible
    “With Donk Industries’ specific requirements in mind, we recommended an OnRobot gripper. Because it is so flexible, we were able to adapt it individually to the application. The concept of the one-stop shop allows us to find the right solution for every application.” Peter van Olm, founder of Olmia Robotics and distributor of OnRobot
  • Easy to Program
    “We have to be flexible with our product variety and the small quantities involved and be able to convert our production lines quickly. Collaborative applications can be flexibly converted for new tasks and are easy to program.” Jaap Zentveld, Assistant Production Manager, Donk Industries.
  • 2X CNC output
  • Failure rate cut in ½
  • Improved product delivery reliability
  • Automatically feeds CNC machine during night shift
  • Flexible for low-volume, high-mix parts
  • Gripper fingertips change in minutes
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