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Reduced cycle time by 44% for gear maker industry

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≫  Reduced cycle time by 44% for gear maker industry

OnRobot collaborative automation robot tools are being used at Osvald Jensen, a Gear Maker in Denmark. The RG2 Dual Gripper has been instrumental in reducing their cycle time by 44%.


RG2 Gripper

Gear-maker Osvald Jensen updated its collaborative CNC machine-tending application with an OnRobot RG2 dual gripper with dramatic results. By handling two parts in a single robot action, the gripper reduced the 27-second cycle time to just 15 seconds—a 44% reduction. The consistent and precise operation of the gripper also delivered parts closer to ideal tolerance. The gripper can even work in a lights-out environment, once workers load the magazines with raw material before leaving for the day.

The Results

  • Increased Productivity

    “OnRobot has developed a dual gripper solution, which compared to the single gripper, increases the productivity of the CNC machine simply by being able to handle two objects at the same time.” Christian Viereck, head of production, Osvald Jensen.

  • Fast ROI
    “We have invested a lot in our CNC machines, and with collaborative robots, especially the OnRobot gripper, we can automate them in a very cost-effective way. Our first OnRobot gripper had a return on investment in less than three months.” Christian Viereck, head of production, Osvald Jensen.
  • Improved Competitiveness

    “To stay competitive in a high-cost country like Denmark, and at the same time demonstrate that we are a modern company, we have decided to invest in technology that gives us the best return.” Christian Viereck, head of production, Osvald Jensen.

  • ROI in 3 Months
  • Cycle time reduced 44% from 27 to 15 seconds
  • Improved tolerance
  • Lights-out capability
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