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Vacuum Gripper at Designed Mouldings

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≫  Vacuum gripper at Designed Mouldings

OnRobot collaborative automation robot tools are being used at Designed Mouldings, an injection moulding specialist in Australia, producing plastic caps and seals for customers in the packaging industry. 

The Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic led to border closures, causing disruptions to global supply chains. Companies in Australia turned to local manufacturers like Designed Mouldings for their production. After witnessing a spike in orders, Designed Mouldings examined their processes and found that the manual insertion of wads into plastic caps took a great deal of time. The company decided to automate the assembly process to reduce the cycle time and increase productivity. 


The OnRobot VGC10 electric vacuum gripper was an obvious choice for this collaborative application. With unlimited customization to fit various needs, the small, lightweight gripper is perfect for tight spaces and can be redeployed to multiple tasks, thereby delivering a flexible automation system. 

The VGC10 gripper – integrated with a Techman cobot – works as a stand-alone system and does not require an external air supply or extra cabling and piping, speeding up deployment while reducing maintenance costs. This creates a collaborative application with a small footprint – one that can be easily moved and plugged in anywhere. Importantly, it is able to work safely alongside employees; no safety fence is needed. 

Setting up the VGC10 gripper was fairly quick. Designed Mouldings completed the installation and programming within just three to four days.

“The OnRobot VGC10 gripper can easily complete a 20,000 product run in 24 hours – three times faster than if it were done manually. With a constant stream of jobs, we are expected to achieve ROI in six months,” said Paul Neumeyer, Managing Director of Designed Mouldings.

Benefits of using OnRobot VGC10 Vacuum Gripper

  • Reduction in material waste by one to two percent
  • Employees are now relieved from tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value jobs.
  • With the successful VGC10 implementation, Designed Mouldings is keen to automate other manual processes. Specifically, the company is looking to use the OnRobot RG2 gripper to assemble filters for hospitals.
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